March 8, 2012

The Law of Gravity and Christian Business

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If I were to go to the top of a tall building, look over the edge, crawl out on the ledge and then decide to jump – what result would I get?  Yeah, splat!  Yet you Mr. Christian are a child of God, loved by Him and protected – why then would He “allow” such a thing?

Simple answer is a little thing called, gravity.  You see there are certain laws and principles that God set in motion and will apply each and every time we interact with those laws – laws like gravity.

Now, could God temporarily (or permanently for that matter) cancel those laws for his own purpose or desire?  Of course, and we see evidence of that time and again in the scriptures.  Yet, that is a very rare and purposeful event – it is not an event that occurs simply because some fool decides to test God and jump.  Even Jesus, God’s son, was tempted by Satan to give it a whirl and he said, No!

Now, how does that relate to your business?  It’s elementary, my dear Watson, many Christian business owners are going splat in their businesses right now because they do not know what these laws are – and ignorance of the law is no excuse!

They have jumped off the building (I certainly have in the past – have you?) and are now moving at 100 mph towards the sidewalk and are wondering why God is not catching them or helping them!  “I’m a good Christian”, they say.  “I love the Lord and am doing this because His Spirit prompted me to”, they cry out.  That may all be true but don’t fool around with gravity ‘cause someone will get hurt.

OK, so now someone will ask, “what are these laws of which you speak dear sir” and I shall say, “Great question, my good man, come closer and I shall reveal the secrets of marketing.”  Hehehe.

There are many “laws” that we can discuss and over the coming weeks we shall discuss many of them.  Today I want to begin with the big one – the law of “gravity” for your business.  This is the one that is most overlooked and leads to the most business failures.  I call it the Law of Occupation.  Let me illustrate it for you.

If I were to ask you what you do, what would you say?  Would you say you are a plumber, hair stylist, attorney or doctor?  The answer to that is most assuredly, yes.  If you are one of those things, of course.  Let me ask another question then.  So, what if you were a doctor and had no patients to treat?  What if you were a plumber with no pipes to plumb, stylist with no hair to style or attorney with no case to file?  Kinda rhymes.  I digress.  Then would you be ANY of those things?  The answer is no.

The Law of Occupation states that,” a business person must move from the doer of the thing to a marketer of the thing or he/she will become business road kill.”  Someone will hear this and think, “Ugh, I hate selling, I didn’t get my degree to sell.”  That person doesn’t get it.  I’m not talking about selling.  I’m talking about marketing.

Marketing is the act of ATTRACTING customers, clients and patients to you so you DON’T HAVE TO SELL!  Not knowing this law and the need to embrace it causes more Christian businesses to fail then all other broken laws combined.  In the future we will discuss this law in depth.

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Rob Kosberg is a Former Minister and current Marketing and Financial Consultant. With a career spanning over 20 years in marketing and finance Rob has personally helped thousands of clients achieve their dreams – both personal and professional. In the last 5 years, during the worst economic downturn of our generation Rob and his partners built 2 different Multi-Million Dollar Businesses in less than 18 months by serving their clients and making them successful first.

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