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From the Desk of: Rob Kosberg, Pasadena, CA, USA
Subject: Grow your Christian Business


Dear Christian Entrepreneur,

     Let me get right to the point – I’m very concerned about the state of Christian Businesses! It seems that many Christian professionals feel that just because they are Christians they are somehow exempt from the laws of business building and marketing that apply to the rest of the world.

     That somehow God will rescue them even when they make bad business decisions and know little about building a business using sound marketing principles.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth!

     If you are interested in discovering how to grow a prosperous Christian business by implementing just a few smart marketing strategies that are working right now for those who are smart enough to use them, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s why…

     For a very limited time, we are going to GIVE AWAY over $539.91 dollars of FREE Gifts for the few Christian Entrepreneurs who act before they are all gone.

Why would we do such a thing?

     Simple… Proverbs 18:16 says, “A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.” – so this is our gift to you with the hope of ushering your business into greatness. Over $539.91 dollars of FREE Gifts just to test drive our TACB Inner Circle Coaching Membership for $1.

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TACB monthly Inner Circle Newsletter filled with articles, tips, and examples of what’s working for Christian Businesses now. (VALUE $197)
TACB monthly Inner Circle Business Interview CD packed with content on how to grow and prosper your Christian Business by successful Christian Business Owners. (VALUE $197)
1-on-1 access to us (Rob and Marc) through call-in days – usually 4 times a year (VALUE $1,000)
TACB Academy Webinar Series on Productivity, Implementation and Building a Prosperous Christian Business (VALUE $497)
Unrestricted Access to our Members Only Website featuring all past issues of our Newsletters, CD interviews, Webinars and More. (VALUE $197)
Occasional bonuses and gifts reserved exclusively for Inner Circle members. (VALUE $1,000)

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PLUS…when you test-drive your membership now, we will literally shower you with FREE Gifts…for example…

FREE Bonus Gift #1: (Video) Mickey Markoff

CEO of the Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show / Promoter of the Year and Event Professional of the Year. Responsible for Single Events with over 1 Million in Attendance and $40M in Advertising.

“Building and Cross Promoting Your Business To Greatness”
(Value $97…Yours FREE!)

Mickey will teach you his secrets to cross promoting your business on a shoe string budget and how to multiply your efforts by 3, 5 or even 10 fold.

FREE Bonus Gift #2: (Video) Robert Simpson

CEO of Palm Beach Motor Cars/ Chairman of Palm Beach Atlantic University

“Integrating Systems to Explode Your Business Profit”
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Bob is the business systems expert. Growing his Aston Martin, Jaguar and exotic car dealership to record profits while serving his local Christian college and church as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

FREE Bonus Gift #3: (Video) Glenn Blackwood

Former Miami Dolphins Football Player and original “Bruise Brother”/ 20 year Veteran Consultant to the Banking Industry

“Overcoming Adversity and Renewing Faith in Christian Business”
(Value $97…Yours FREE!)

Glenn has used his fame as a former NFL Pro to grow a mega successful consulting business while he advanced the Kingdom and supported his 501c3 charity for orphans and underprivileged kids.

FREE Bonus Gift #4: (Video) Ed Rush

Marine Corp Fighter Pilot and Real American Hero / Top Gun Pilot Training Specialist

After years of service to our country Ed transitioned into Business with a bang building a Seven Figure Marketing Business while focusing on serving God first and being a great husband and father to his children

“Fighter Pilot Productivity”
(Value $97…Yours FREE!)


Special Bonus Ed Rush Gift #5 (2 Audios)

2 Part Recorded Training

“How to Experience Victory… Even When You Feel Defeated”
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Simple…we know that once you see how life-changing these Christian Business strategies can be for you, you are going to be running to your mail box every month to get your business marketing, kick-you-in-the-pants, grow your business tools, tips, and techniques. (Just look at the testimonials below and you’ll easily see how well our strategies work for people just like you.)

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No worries…No hassles…No questions.
 Very seriously…we want you to be completely satisfied. Plus, we are sure that once you begin to see the results in your business, you’ll want to remain a member for good.

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To Growing Your Christian Business,

Rob Kosberg, TACB Co-Founder

P.S. I should note…this offer is currently made available as a limited market test. Prior to this, the ONLY way to get continuous one-on-one coaching from us was to become a member of our Platinum Inner Circle Coaching Group (which is currently full and costs members $15,000.00 to $50,000.00 a year each). This opportunity to receive coaching like this will likely not last very long, so be sure to process your enrollment before this offer expires.

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P.P.S. Just think…what would the value of ONE IDEA mean to your business? If, through what you learn, you build ONE marketing system (and I believe it’ll be more than that), you’ll have your entire investment back (and then some!). That’s just one more reason to act now, claim your membership and FREE Bonus Gifts.

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