About TACB

Rob, Evander and Marc on Stage

     I’m Rob Kosberg, one of the founders of the Association of Christian Businesses and like you I have had my share of tremendous ups and downs in my businesses. I’ve seen my own multi million dollar business dry up literally overnight and I sat scratching my head wondering what (if anything) I could have done to prevent it.

     I was spending over $20,000 per month in advertising that use to work great and then suddenly stopped working. When my business was going well I didn’t know why and when it started to fail I couldn’t fix it. I obviously didn’t really understand marketing or the principles associated with it that made it a success or failure. I remember reading Jeremiah 17:6, “He will be like a bush in the wastelands; he will not see prosperity when it comes.” and thinking, is that me? What didn’t I know about marketing and building my business that others did?

I Had No Idea What To Do!

     I remember a millionaire mentor of mine telling me, “Rob you will never have consistent success until you move from the doer of your business to the marketer of your business. You need to start learning from business growth and marketing experts rather than just becoming better at what you do, that is the key to all business success.”

     He went on, “Nobody in ANY business could experience consistent success until they learn to correctly market their products or services and get people to buy them. Stop focusing on what others are doing in your field – go study and learn from top MARKETERS and business builders because they know how to do one thing better than anyone, MAKE MONEY FROM MARKETING!”

Finally, The Light Bulb Went Off!

     That was almost 5 years ago and from that time on my business partner Marc Feinberg and I have been searching for the best Christian business growth experts and marketers in the world and we have brought them here to you for FREE!

     You see, over the last 5 years we have met with hundreds of Christian business owners and seen first hand the pain and loss that Christian professionals have experienced due to dire economic conditions and quite frankly their lack of preparation to deal with it.

     You see I went on a search for the kind of information my mentor told me I needed an of course, I first looked in the Christian community for Christian marketing experts.

     I looked at several other Christian business organizations and while I believe they have great intentions I did not find one of them bringing together the experts I needed.

     They offered Christian discipleship, fellowship and a safe place to share the problems and pains of business BUT I also needed experts to teach me how to build and MARKET my business. Sadly none of them offered it.

     This is why TACB was founded and why it is experiencing unprecedented growth today and we want to help cut your learning curve by offering our best information to you!