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From Stuck to $107,000 in ONE WEEK!

"My business was stuck and needed some help.
     We came up with an offer to create urgency, you know, offer a discount, and you will get this recorded message for free, we just put it all together and I sent it to the guy and first thing Monday morning he signs off, my first job signs off at about $18,000.00 Over the next week that promotion brought in over $107,000 in sales.
     If you’re not making money and busy, just do what the TACB tells you.. Just listen and just do it. Just execute it. Just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose."

Jim Wheeler

Platinum Coaching Member

In the last 90 days I've produced $178,600...

"I only get better by being with players that are better than me, an atmosphere where people are striving for excellence. That's what TACB mastermind group does. In the last 90 days I've produced $178,600 in income and a lot of it has to do with the work I'm doing with TACB."

Jim Hansen

Seniors Helping Seniors®
Platinum Coaching Member

At Last...

“At last a professional Christian Business Association focused on helping the Christian business professional grow and market themselves! Real Life examples and strategies that successful Christian Business Leaders are using right now to grow and prosper in the Kingdom.”

Carl L. Foster

Veteran Radio & Television Host Christian Business Leader
TACB Member

Thank You For Coaching Me

“Thank you so much for coaching me, He led me to you for a reason and we are all working on great things, I can feel it. Thank you so much Marc, your coaching is having such a powerful effect as you let us watch Him work through you to help us achieve amazing results! We are so lucky to have you!! I've told a bunch of people about TACB and I expect to bring several people to the local academy meeting on July 31. Thanks again and God bless! Many Thanks & Blessings.”

Michele Conreur

Platinum Coaching Member

A Must For Any Business

"I have being part of a lot of groups but I am privileged to have meet you and the people who you serve in business, your organization is filling such a hole in the business community, I highly recommend it to everyone who has a business, anyone who likes to grow not only their businesses but personally with a group of masterminds. It is a must for any business owner."

Dr. Yolanda Cintron

Platinum Coaching Member

TACB Marketing Transformed My Business

"TACB style marketing transformed my business and has changed my life! I now have the confidence and strategies to charge what I am worth and have attracted the kind of clients that appreciate me and pay me what my services are worth!"

Andrea Szebeni

Registered Dietitian
Platinum Coaching Member

you Inspired A Fress New Path

“I want to express my utmost gratitude to Mark Feinberg, Jim Hansen and Andrea Szebini for your time in assisting me with my business concept and ministry. Your upholding forethoughts truly enable! You inspired a fresh new path with God and a deeper commitment to living the Christian faith. I am deeply thankful.”

Audrey Enciso

Platinum Mastermind Member

Experts Who Know How To Get Results

"TACB is all about taking the difficulty out of implementing proven marketing strategies for your business. All it takes is the willingness to learn from experts who know how to get results and Rob and Marc really know how to get results."

B.J. O'Neal

Regional Development Director at South Florida's 88.1 WAY-FM
TACB Member

I Can't Say Enough About The TACB

     “I attended the TACB business meeting and BOY! Was it fantastic?! We got to learn from really great guys about what God is doing in our lives and how they are helping them with their business. And I was just taken away it was just unbelievable the amount of response we got there.
     I just can’t say enough about the TACB and what it’s doing in my life and the lives of others that are here. I just say God Bless and love you all and hope to see you all soon at the TACB meetings. Thank you.”

Bob Webster

Platinum Mastermind Member

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